The Strong Workforce Apprenticeship Group (SWAG) webinar is now available online

AMP SoCal regularly hosts free webinars featuring a variety of expert speakers who provide valuable information for aerospace and defense manufacturers. The online productions are accessible as a live webinar, and are recorded and housed on the AMP SoCal website as part of its growing online library of business-friendly content.


The Strong Workforce Apprenticeship Group (SWAG) drives the expansion of apprenticeship in the State of California and throughout the country by partnering with industry, education and workforce development partners, and government. We work with school districts and community colleges to provide instruction that aligns with the needs of employers and offer strategic support and guidance to the workforce development community in order to integrate apprenticeships into their workforce agenda. We use a return on investment (ROI) calculator to show the economic impact apprenticeships can generate. Ultimately, SWAG creates guided pathways to gainful employment, which can lead to long-term economic growth and prosperity for regions, the state and nation.

We address the following issues: the navigation of governmental agencies such as the US Department of Labor to obtain timely registration of occupations for companies and local education agencies, the lack of equity among underserved populations to obtain work leading to a meaningful wage, and the non-alignment of curriculum and training necessary for middle-skills occupations.

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