Resources for A&D Suppliers

AMP SoCal provides a number of resources to aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers, including panels, presentations, and webinars.  Along with key industry experts, we address industry problems in workforce development, new technology, and business assistance so that A&D manufacturers have the tools to be successful.

To view videos of past panels, speakers, and slide decks, please select from one of the topics listed below.   If you have a suggestion for an upcoming webinar or workshop please use our comment page to submit your idea.

For future AMP SoCal events, please check our upcoming events page.

Bi-Annual Meeting Presentations

AMP SoCal has hosted a series of summits and bi-annual meetings. These events are designed to connect A&D businesses with new ideas and an opportunity to network.  Each bi-annual meeting features leaders in the industry who are representing the future of aerospace and defense in Southern California.

Webinar Presentations

These brief online discussions cover a broad range of subjects beneficial to A&D suppliers such as business growth, cybersecurity, additive manufacturing, and more.

Workshops & Trainings

AMP SoCal has hosted a number of workshops and trainings that cover a variety of topics for the A&D manufacturing industry.