Infrastructure & Site Development

Building an Infrastructure that Supports Manufacturing Across Southern California
The Southern California business infrastructure is vast and dynamic. The crisscrossing connections of freeways, rail, bussing, shipping, and air, allow mobility and diverse site options for manufacturers within Southern California. The region also hosts a significant base of existing industrial facilities and land which is becoming increasingly critical to economic expansion. But when faced with challenges such as congestion and encroachment from both residential and retail development, what can businesses do to inform the direction of development and find assistance for their current site needs?

AMP SoCal is actively working to diagnose issues and identify ways to alleviate the infrastructure pressure points on manufacturers, while also educating the economic development community about the importance of manufacturing and how they can support the growth of this importance sector.

If you are interested in joining the conversation about the infrastructure needs for Southern California’s A&D manufacturing network, please contact us to learn more about the Infrastructure and Site Development Pillar Committee.