Operational Improvement & Capital Access

Helping SoCal’s A&D Industry to Be a Lean, Mean Manufacturing Machine
Southern California has a large network of organizations that provide operational improvement and access to capital for small and medium manufacturers. In the past, OEM and Top Tier Suppliers provided lean improvement teams to support supplier improvements but with the economic downturn, the firms now rely on suppliers to self‐assess and implement improvement programs to address on‐time delivery, quality and price requirements.

The added responsibility is a strain on suppliers in an already hotly competitive market. But AMP SoCal opens the doors for operational improvement by educating businesses on grant opportunities and other means of financial access. It also partners with organizations on lean manufacturing programs so the A&D industry and its supply chain can continue to grow and develop.

If you are interested in joining the conversation about the operational improvement and capital access needs for Southern California’s A&D manufacturing network, please contact us to learn more about the Operational Improvement & Capital Access Pillar Committee.