COVID-19 Resources

This page is meant to include links & resources to help your company navigate the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.  We are committed to providing relevant information and resources to support A&D manufacturers and suppliers during this turbulent time.  We ask that everyone take steps to protect community health.  Check back frequently as we will continue to update this page as reliable information becomes available.

For more information, click on each of the headings below.

Business Resources

Access information about SBA disaster assistance, employee management, business tax requirements, utility services, financial support, loan options and more.

Workplace & Employee Safety

This page will be updated frequently with information A&D Manufacturers can use to ensure that businesses have the knowledge to re-open in a safe manner when allowed by states.

Resources for Southern California A&D by County

Access resources in each of the ten counties we serve throughout Southern California.

Worker Resources

Workers can learn about benefit programs, like disability and family leave options, as well as unemployment and insurance. This also includes information regarding access to Wi-Fi for families with students who require virtual learning.

Useful Links

Additional useful links are listed that direct to reliable and factual health and safety guidelines, and educational resources.

Articles concerning Employers and COVID-19

Employers are constantly facing new requirements and procedures. This list of articles contains updated information on what best practices and policies are for employers as they navigate management of employees during COVID-19.

Webinars & Podcast

Informational webinars and podcasts allow you to listen to industry experts as they discuss the latest topics for manufacturers as they traverse the pandemic. Topics include guidance for going virtual, funding opportunities and state-wide government updates.