Red Carpet Service

Rolling out the Red Carpet for Aerospace & Defense Companies

AMP SoCal’s Red Carpet Service is a free of charge technical business assistance initiative helping Southern California A&D manufacturers. Types of assistance include:

  • Increasing Operational/Process efficiencies
  • New Business in Defense Sector
  • New Business in Commercial Sector
  • Evaluating incorporation of new manufacturing technologies and techniques
  • Production skill development, retention and improvement
  • Infrastructure & Site-Related Services
  • Export Business Development
  • Accessing Capital & Credit
  • Retaining knowledge of retiring workforce
  • Cybersecurity (Back Office/Admin/ Financial and/or Operational)
  • Succession/Exit Planning
  • AS9100 D certification preparation

In addition to the Red Carpet Service, there is specialized funding available to assist manufacturing firms within Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties, that have been adversely affected by reduced Department of Defense procurement and contracting.

Please fill out our brief questionnaire to help us understand your needs and we will reach out to you for next steps.