Workforce & Training

Top Tier Workers and Training Programs
Southern California is home to one of the world’s deepest aerospace and manufacturing talent pools. And it’s no surprise, the region’s colleges and universities have been delivering specialized training and education programs for the A&D industry and its supply chain since the 1930s. Southern California boasts over 80 educational institutions with top-ranking programs covering numerous engineering, technical and manufacturing disciplines. This is good news, because half of American employees in A&D will retire by 2025, leaving employers facing an impending gap in the workforce. AMP SoCal is working to close the gap through a number of initiatives and partnership designed to increase dialogue between universities and colleges, and small and medium A&D companies.

If you are interested in joining the conversation about the workforce needs for Southern California’s A&D manufacturing network, please contact us to learn more about the Workforce & Training Pillar Committee.