Trade & International Investment

A Global Aerospace & Defense Powerhouse
The U.S. continues to dominate the worldwide A&D industry, producing 60% of global industry revenues in 2014. Firms in Southern California generated nearly 74% of all statewide A&D revenue in 2015, representing more than $34.1 billion in sales. It doesn’t hurt that California is a leading destination state for foreign direct investment. The state has one of the largest concentrations of international banks, foreign consulates, and bi-national chambers of commerce in the United States, not to mention the busiest export ports in the country

However, there is still significant untapped opportunity to grow exports. AMP SoCal informs businesses of programs and opportunities that can assist U.S. aerospace suppliers to increase their exports while collaborating with investors to ensure SoCal stays the A&D manufacturing producer for the world.

If you are interested in joining the conversation about the trade and international investment needs for Southern California’s A&D manufacturing network, please contact us to learn more about the Trade & International Investment Pillar Committee.


  • Global Aerospace Business Opportunities page
    Calendar of international/U.S. trade shows and helpful aerospace trade and international business resource links
  • EXPORTECH™ LOS ANGELES for Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers
    If you are a manufacturer that has been impacted by defense budget reductions, take advantage of ExporTech™, the only national program that helps individual companies develop an export plan. Group workshops are combined with an individual coach for each company, leading to an export plan in 9 weeks. Peer group model, limited to leaders from 6-8 companies, that maximizes impact and propels action. Contact Elizabeth Glynn at [email protected] to learn more.