Partner Spotlight: California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC)

California’s trusted resource for a thriving manufacturing industry.


If you follow AMP SoCal’s newsletter or social media, you are most likely familiar with our partner, CMTC. As one of our most active partners, CMTC is frequently mentioned as we feature their informative webinars and insightful articles.
Founded in  1992 to provide consulting to small and mid-sized manufacturers in Southern California, CMTC now serves California statewide and currently offers a wide range of services and programs in virtually all areas of manufacturing. These include but are not limited to business services such as strategic planning and supply chain consulting; technology consulting including additive and automation; cybersecurity consulting and defense services.
Beyond lending its industry knowledge and business know-how to manufacturing clients, CMTC actively strengthens California’s manufacturing communities by facilitating peer-to-peer networking, information sharing, and knowledge exchange. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, CMTC provided free, business-critical resources including workplace safety guidelines and pivoting strategies to manufacturers. These resources have been crucial in stabilizing the manufacturing communities during this crisis and helping them recover safely. CMTC is currently working with Mayor Garcetti’s office to provide individualized recovery plans to manufacturers in Los Angeles.
Visit CMTC’s website to learn more about their services and access free resources for California manufacturers.