Space Enterprise Consortium RFP Released – Proposal due July 7: Join Now

The United States Air Force Space and Missiles Systems Center (AFSMC) in El Segundo, California, has made an explicit call for a consortium and lead organization to focus on Research & Development, Testing & Evaluation for space vehicles, payloads, launch capabilities and associated ground segments. The work will be funded through the use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA) for prototype projects for acquisition. The OTA encourages companies with expertise within the space industry to participate in the consortium. It has a $100 million projected spend ceiling. Entities that are eligible for the award include Non-Traditional Defense Contractors, Small Businesses, Traditional Defense Contractors, or an entity (usually a traditional defense contractor), that provides cash or in-kind cost share, that typically includes a third of the cost sharing. In order to gain access to this funding, the entity must first be a part of the Southern California Space Consortium.

Proposals submitted in response to this solicitation are to be submitted no later than: 7 July 2017, at 1600 PDT. Click here to view request for proposal.

We are now looking for interested members to join. If interested, please submit your name, position, company, contact information and tech specialty areas through our letter of interest, there is no obligation attached.

For more information about the formation of the space consortium, please view the presentation from Dennis Wonica, President, LaserLight Networks Inc. and AIAA LA-LV Section Chair Enterprise Program from our AMP SoCal Innovation Forum: CubeSats & Other Small Satellites event.

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