Increase Sales in Global A&D Markets: Facts, Benefits, How to Move Forward

Interested in accessing new customers? Increasing sales? If you’re not selling in global markets, you are missing out on the chance to access new customers and increase sales by exporting!

  • Is your company taking advantage of business opportunities in global markets?
  • Are you looking to expand sales in global markets?
  • Are you new-to-export, and not certain how to access global sales?
  • Can your company afford to ignore sales growth in global markets?

Whether you’re looking to expand sales or are new-to-export, it’s important to have an export strategy. This is your company’s roadmap indicating which global markets to target, identify with which partners to work, and how to deliver your products and/or services to global buyers.

ExporTech™ for Manufacturers (SMMs),, helps you:

  1. Create an actionable export growth plan,
  2. Identify key global markets, and
  3. Connect you with Trade Professionals to achieve your export objectives.

Scholarships are available for California companies.

Next ExporTech™ starts on September 19 in San Bernardino, CA.

Click here for more information and how to register.

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