Grow your business globally with ExporTech

ExporTech™ helps businesses reach their international sales potential by providing capacity-building and planning services focused on global markets. It is the only national program that helps individual companies design an export plan and will be offered through a series of workshops.

CMTC, an AMP SoCal partner, will use ExporTech™ to help manufacturing firms develop simple, actionable plans to expand into global markets and grow their export revenues. The workshops achieve this through the following strategies:

  • Execution driven, with a team of partners who make it easier to go to market and implement the plan
  • Group workshops are combined with an individual coach for each company, leading to an export plan in 9 weeks
  • Peer group model, limited to leaders from 6-8 companies, that maximizes impact and propels action
  • Amplifies the impact of other export programs, helping companies get the most out of tradeshows, Gold Key services, country visits and trade missions
  • Jointly offered nationwide by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership program and the U.S. Export Assistance Centers of the U.S. Department of Commerce

The total program is a $5000 value, but through a CMTC Scholarship the initial financial commitment is only a $750 deposit per company (2 executives encouraged). The deposit will be refunded after having attended Session 1. After one year of having implemented your export growth plan, if your company has generated a minimum of $100K in additional export sales, companies are asked to provide a $5,000 ExporTech scholarship to another manufacturer to assist them with their export efforts.

For additional information on the ExporTech program, contact Elizabeth Glynn at (310) 984-0728 or [email protected]

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