Cybersecurity training video available for manufacturers

According to the 2017 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, the manufacturing sector was the second highest industry that experienced cyber attacks in 2016. This is largely why the DoD implemented its cybersecurity requirements listed in NIST 800-171 as mandatory for manufacturers to be part of the Defense supply chain.

Our cybersecurity workshops, sponsored by the DoD Office of Economic Adjustment, focus on how manufacturers can be compliant and cyber ready for the future. The workshops are led by Dr. Clifford Neuman, a renowned cybersecurity expert and director of USC’s Center for Computer Systems Security.


Highlights from USC Cybersecurity Training for Owners and Managers


We would like to extend a free recording of the class to assist you in your understanding of cybersecurity for your business. To be eligible, you must be a manufacturer:

  • located in Southern California
  • within the DoD supply chain
  • willing to answer a brief post-training assessment survey in 6 months

To receive the link to the video, please fill out and sign the following two forms:

  1. Pre-Workshop Assessment
  2. Qualification Criteria for Defense Impacted Firms

Please send signed documents to the following contact and you will receive your free manufacturing cybersecurity training video.

Tomás E. Durán
Price School – USC Center for Economic Development
Strengthening Competitiveness Program

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