Additive Manufacturing Webinar Recording Now Available Online

AMP SoCal regularly hosts free 30-minute webinars featuring a variety of expert speakers who provide valuable information for aerospace and defense manufacturers. The online productions are accessible as a live webinar, and are recorded and housed on the AMP SoCal website as part of its growing online library of business-friendly content. The latest webinar was held on September 21, and featured Chris Wentworth, a product development and Additive Manufacturing expert. Chris is currently the Additive Manufacturing Practice Lead for California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC) and has been a speaker on Additive Manufacturing and Product Development at many different events and forums. Please click the links below to view the presentation.

Episode 6 – Exploring Additive Manufacturing for Your Company

Chris Wentworth | Additive Manufacturing Practice Lead
California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC)
690 Knox Street, Suite 200  |  Torrance, CA 90502
Tel: 310.598.8681  |  e-Fax: 310.808.1381  |  Web:

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a technology that has matured and evolved rapidly in recent years. Although it has commonly been referred to as 3D printing, it is now being referred to as “Additive Manufacturing” because of its real world impact on manufacturing. AM technologies are continuing to advance quickly. Mainstream equipment producers are now entering the market, leading to new additive processes being developed. These new processes have made a wide range of production grade materials available, such as titanium, tool steel and a wide range of plastics.

You may also view the Additive Manufacturing webinar and all past webinars here:

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