Verisurf supports Educators & Students with Advanced Manufacturing Metrology Software Training

Verisurf is offering an exciting opportunity to advance your skill set from the comfort of your home! Take advantage of Verisurf’s free online CMM & PCMM Software Training for an interactive learning experience.

Free Online Training available for limited time from Verisurf using our LMS Learning Management System. When used side-by-side with our Free VLE Verisurf Learning Edition Program, it becomes Interactive Learning Experience.

Your mouse becomes the measurement probe. Verisurf Metrology Software is taught in High Schools, Colleges and University CNC Machine Shops, Maker Spaces and Engineering Labs supporting our Industrial customers with candidates. Verisurf is advanced manufacturing for inspection, measurement, analysis and reverse engineering.

Discover how Verisurf customers from Boeing, Flying S, Scaled Composites to SpaceX and so many others use Verisurf for Advanced Manufacturing using CMM and PCMM inspection and analysis reporting.

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