Learn about Composites with CAMX 2020

The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) 2020 is bringing their popular education sessions online, with a free webinar series launching on August 12. Designed and delivered by experts, this webinar series aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the composites industry, covering facets from materials, applications, manufacturing, tooling, to production automation.

Sessions offered:

Composites 101: The session provides basic information on the technical components of composites including the most common materials and manufacturing processes, and examples of how composites were specified and used in many applications across various market segments.

Tooling 101 for Composites Manufacturing: Tooling forms and shapes every composite part or structure across many manufacturing processes and market applications. The materials used in making tools covers project phases from initial prototype periods through production runs which may be very few (like 10 parts) to several thousand (golf shafts or automotive parts). This presentation will cover the various types of tooling options.

Composites 201: This session builds on the information presented in Composites 101 with more focus on fiber reinforcements, polymers, and comparisons of materials to provide a greater understanding of FRP composite materials and properties and performance. An in-depth overview of common manufacturing processes including the process and product characteristics will be covered, as well as fundamental criteria for designing with composites, highlighting and comparing the benefits and advantages of common materials.

Composites Factory of the Future: Composite manufacturing is changing as the manufacturing industry is more digital, more connected, and more agile to meet the growing demands of the industry. This session covers topics that will make your composites manufacturing business competitive in today’s market.

Learn more and register for the free webinar series by CAMX here.