J&J Machining, LLC Company Spotlight

J&J Machining, LLC was cofounded 5 years ago in Anaheim, CA by Jaime Mondragon and Robert J. Reynolds who, combined, have half of a century of manufacturing experience.  Their operations grew from 400-500 sq. ft. to 6,000 in just half a decade.  Their current manufacturing space holds ordinary milling and turning operations, but their business model is far from ordinary.  While some small businesses have experienced a downtick in production as a result of attrition, J&J positions itself to sell to some of the largest aerospace companies.  They uphold high standards of safety, quality and compliance, and it shows.  Yet, their creativity and risk-taking mentality defy the status quo of a manufacturing approach. This young company has proven the effectiveness of their business style, which has tripled in size over its five-year lifespan.

Robert and Jaime are role models for constant improvement and innovation in their industry.  This is captured in the February and March 2020 Aerospace Issue of CNC West Magazine which discusses J&J’s high standard for cybersecurity initiatives.  While cybersecurity compliance feels like a burden to many small- and medium- sized manufacturers, J&J see this as an opportunity.  The upfront costs of upholding NIST standards are a small price to pay in their eyes.  They acknowledge that cybersecurity risks are higher for smaller companies and they strive to always plan for the evolving technological future of the aerospace industry.  Cybersecurity compliance diminishes risks to their business and helps them to appeal to their consumers.  Implementation of cybersecurity is an investment of time and resources, but it helps protect the process of constant innovation and collaboration required for these manufacturers.

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J&J has accomplished incredible growth and is ready to expand its business reach.  When Robert met representatives from AMP SoCal at Aerodef in 2018, a collaborative opportunity presented itself.  As J&J continues to grow, AMP SoCal will help them to optimize their opportunities for business advancement through the Strengthening Competitiveness Program.  This program is available to small and medium manufacturing businesses in the defense supply chain who have been negatively affected by defense cuts in the past three years.  The full process takes approximately 4-6 months and can focus on business administration, accounting, engineering or law to provide solutions for your business.  Building a dynamic business plan with AMP SoCal will help J&J to find opportunities to build capital, develop their storytelling, and embrace new lender prospects.

“AMP SoCal has great resources for us. There was always something new that we could learn from you guys. I just know that 3rd party resources are the best way to create momentum.”   

 -Robert Reynolds 

Robert is excited for what this partnership can bring.  He feels that manufacturing professionals are open and forthcoming, always willing to teach and always eager to learn.  Robert exemplifies this persona with his collaborative business mentality.  He sees great potential in opportunities to collaborate with third party groups that can help guide his business towards new growth.  He strives for innovation and development in his expanding company and feels “3rd party resources are one of the best ways to create momentum.”  According to Robert, “business is always a challenge and there is nothing guaranteed, but by making relationships with others you increase your viability.”

Robert views this partnership as a way to understand his business on a deeper level and tap into resources it might not have otherwise experienced.  With robust manufacturing and business knowledge and upholding the highest quality standards, Robert is ready to bring his business to the next level.  He hopes to see his company “move into larger facility and continue to pursue advanced manufacturing processes with a full automated facility, lights out manufacturing, robotics, zero defect delivery, to achieve sophistication and world class manufacturing.”  The Strengthening Competitiveness Program will work with him to make his goals a reality.

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Robert Reynolds
President of J&J Machining, LLC
[email protected]