From AIAA-LV – Volunteers for Online STEM Outreach to K-12 Students

From Casey Moninghoff, the K-12 STEM chair for AIAA LA-LV &  an active duty Air Force Officer working at LA AFB in El Segundo, CA:

“Right now, I am working with local K-12 educators to help keep their students busy in meaningful ways while schools are shut down. We are looking for anyone to speak about career paths available in the STEM and aerospace industries and share knowledge in their specialty field. That is, anything that can inspire and engage a student. Did you work on a Moon rover program; do you know a lot about rocket propulsion; do you have insight into the next generation solar sail program; what inspired you to get into aerospace; what resources can students use to learn? Things like that – we are really trying to just inspire students, show them what’s been done and what the future holds for us. I would recommend putting together a few slides as talking points and visual aids.”

If anyone is interested in giving a virtual presentation (Skype/Zoom), please contact Casey Moninghoff ([email protected]) and let him know your topic(s), desired audience grade, and how long you can speak for.