Collaborative Robotic Applications

September 24, 2019

Traditionally, industrial robots have been used on mass production lines.  Recent advances in human-safe industrial robots presents an opportunity for creating hybrid work cells, where humans and robots can collaborate in close physical proximity. This capability enables systems that use the complementary strengths of humans and robots.  This combines with recent advances in artificial intelligence that are striving to make industrial robots more adaptable.  In addition, force and tactile sensing enabled robots can be used on complex manufacturing tasks.  These new capabilities are expanding the role of robotics in manufacturing operations and leading to significant growth in the robotics area. This workshop focuses on recent development in the area of collaborative robotics and their applications in manufacturing.

Philip Hollingsworth, Senior Technical Engineer, Universal Robots USA, Inc.
Satyandra K. Gupta, Smith International Professor & Director,  Center for Advanced Manufacturing, University of Southern California


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