CubeSats & Other Small Satellites

November 18, 2016

AMP SoCal highlighted the rapidly growing aerospace sector of small satellites (under 1,100 lbs) which is revolutionizing the industry by making spaceflight and extra-atmospheric observations more data rich, affordable, and accessible to businesses, universities, and researchers. The satellite field was revolutionized in 1999 when CubeSats, an amazing, extra-terrestrial tool packed into a roughly 10 centimeter cube were developed Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and Stanford University’s Space Systems Development Lab.

This event provided an overview of the next wave of new technology from researchers at Cal Poly and USC, as well as top commercial innovators who are enabling space exploration via small satellites.


Full Presentation: Current University Research in Small Satellites Panel


Full Presentation: Satellite Industry Innovation Panel

Full Presentation: Formation of Space Consortium