Southern California Space Consortium

This opportunity is open to many different entities in the space sector. 

The Air Force Space Command SMC – Space and Missile Systems Center posted a Request for Information FA8814-16-9-0001 for interest in establishing a consortium-managed “Other Transaction Agreement” (OTA) for prototyping space related requirements.

For more information about the formation of the space consortium, please view the presentation from Dennis Wonica, President, LaserLight Networks Inc. and AIAA LA-LV Section Chair Enterprise Program from our AMP SoCal Innovation Forum: CubeSats & Other Small Satellites event.

We are now looking for interested members to join. If interested, please submit your name, position, company, contact information and tech specialty areas through our letter of interest, there is no obligation attached. You will be informed of new developments as they occur.

Please fill out our contact form with any questions.