Event Details

Business & General Aviation Conference 2019

Jonathan CLub Los Angeles

Aviation industry suppliers throughout the world have come to rely on SpeedNews Conferences and aviation intelligence to develop and fine-tune marketing and strategic plans, overcome existing industry challenges and prepare for the future.

As the business aviation market positions for recovery, the information and knowledge you gain at the upcoming Business & General Aviation Conference could have a direct impact on the success of your business or organization.

You will meet and interact with industry experts and manufacturers who will provide updates on the state of the industry, recovery trajectories within the market, and technology advancements. Various networking opportunities throughout the Conference will enable you to connect with colleagues, and develop valuable relationships with peers, influential decision makers and even competitors.

Additional topics to be covered at the Business and General Aviation Conference include aircraft programs and their production cycles, market forecasts and delivery updates.

If you are interested in Sponsorships or Advertising, or have any questions about the Conference, contact Joanna Speed, Managing Director, A&D Conferences at +1-424-465-6501, or via email.