Recruiting Defense Impacted Manufacturers for Free or Reduced Cost Assistance

If you are an aerospace and defense manufacturer whose business has been negatively impacted by reduced Department of Defense procurement and contracting, you may be eligible for free or reduced cost business development services for your company. Businesses must be located in the counties of Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, or San Diego.

The following programs are among the services that are available to qualified defense-impacted firms.

#1: ExporTech: The ExporTech™ Program provides business owners and managers strategic focus and a structured process through which they will create and implement simple, actionable, export plans that result in expanded sales to global markets. ExporTech is a national program that continually proves its value and benefits its clients via access to new customers, increased sales, enhanced profits, and diversified market expansion.

Results include:

  • Average cost savings of $50,000
  • Average of $770,000+ in new sales

#2: SME Growth Acceleration: The Growth Acceleration program provides technical assistance to enhance growth capabilities by removing operational, market and technology barriers. This program will rapidly provide capacity to implement a tailored growth plan.


  • Introduce twice as many new products annually
  • Bring products to market in half the time
  • Generate higher profit margins
  • Create higher employee salaries

#3: Strengthening Competitiveness: This program matches university expertise in business administration, accounting, engineering or law to provide solutions for your business.  A business plan will be developed for each firm to strengthen competitiveness focused on one or more of the following goals:

  • Diversification
  • Access to capital
  • Strategic workforce development
  • Ownership transition 

Please help us understand your needs by responding to this short questionnaire; 10 minutes of your time could lead directly to technical services to help your business grow.

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